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CGM: Yako

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PostSubject: QUEST FOR B3   Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:33 pm

Entering LEO CAMPUS:

-Wish to get inside leo campus
-talk to Special agent
-kill 20pcs SGD in 40mins.

*Entering LEO 1F:
Spirit Request (Banshee)
-spirit request 1 (poison ivy)
-spirit request 2 (shadow crow)
-deliver items to banshee

Entering LEO B3:

1. Investigate leonine campus main center
-enter the leo campus, 52/60 coordinates (not sure of the exact coor.)
-collect leaves (5pcs) from smallpox
-deliver the leaves to the special agent
-talk to student director at leo 1f*
-request for the information

2. Recover the Videotape
-getting the key, talk to the leo technical teacher at leo 2f
-the teacher’s request, collect 2 boney’s food
-exchange the food to technical teacher
-deliver the key to leo student director
-recovering the key, talk to Zopar
-getting the videotape, talk to leo student director
-retrieve the cassette

ZOPAR REQUEST: ask about is help needed (not part of the quest to enter B3)
-zopar request 1, find the towel near locker at leo 1f
-zopar request 2, find the glove at grocery merchant at leo 1f
-the red bead, talk to leo student director

3. Transmitting the videotape
-talk to special agent
-ask about the condition of the cassette
-ask about the damage of the cassette

4. Videotape recovery
-look for the image expert at TH
-request for the cassette recovery

5. The IMAGE EXPERT request
-getting information from the police station at TH
-the special agent of the sacred financial group, talk to special agent
-ask about the spore allergy
-ask about the special ID card

-find the student director of SG campus at sg campus 1f
-ask about leo college ID card
-ID card confirmation

7. The Basement 2 of leo campus
-finding the elevator at leo 3f
-the secret code, talk to leo student director
-searching for the secret code, get memo from the IRONMAN28
-proceed to basement 2, enter the code

8. Lvl 100, required lvl to enter B3
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